Updates To Our Curriculum

Bits, Bytes & Bots has decided to implement some exciting changes to our after-school programs. Previously, Bits, Bytes & Bots always offered the same introductory robotics and coding program each semester. While this program was excellent for exposing students to robotics and coding, the program did not allow for students to advance any further past introductory robotics and coding. At Bits, Bytes & Bots, our mission is to educate students using robots and coding while also providing an engaging after-school program. With this mission in mind, starting with the Winter/Spring semester of 2020, Bits, Bytes & Bots will begin two new programs at our partner schools. 

These new programs will be Robotics 1 and Coding 1. We will alternate the programs on a semester basis so students will be able to learn new skills all year. In the future we will be adding Robotics 2 and 3 as well as Coding 2 and 3 to our program offerings. We want to be able to provide students a highly focused program in both disciplines and a way to increase their knowledge in these two areas as they progress through school. Below you will find the description for the program we will be offering next semester at your school. We are really excited about these changes to our after-school programs! We hope to see your student soon! 


The Coding 1 program is aimed at providing students an introduction to programming. We will be primarily focusing on the Scratch programming language and its capabilities. Before diving fully into Scratch, the students will briefly use Scratch Jr. to create stories while learning sequential programming fundamentals, such as loops, events and message passing. Once the students have mastered Scratch Jr., they will begin to use the M.I.T. developed programming language, Scratch. Scratch is a drag-and-drop, block-based programming language designed specifically for educating young students. Utilizing Scratch, students will create their own video game and, in the process, learn about sprites, objects, conditionals, variables, lists, input/outputs and functions. Students will also be provided with their own personal online Scratch account, so that they can work on and play their projects outside of our program.

Best for grades 1-5: class sizes preferred at 14 or less


Coming Fall 2020.


Coming Spring 2021.

robotics I

The Robotics 1 program is aimed at providing students an introduction to robotics. We will be primarily focusing on the Dash robot and its capabilities. Using the Dash robot, students will learn about inputs and outputs through the use of Dash’s sensors and motors. Throughout the semester, students will utilize Dash’s add-ons to solve increasingly complex problems. In addition to learning the basics of robotics, students will become familiar with coding and programming terms and techniques such as variables, loops and conditionals by using Dash’s block-based programming language. Once the students have mastered Dash, we will briefly introduce the students to our brand new and updated Lego EV3 Mindstorms, which will be the primary focus of our Robotics 2 program.

Best for grades 2-5: class sizes preferred at 14 or less  


Coming Fall 2020.


Coming Spring 2021.